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Speciality Director

Professor Emeritus. Dr Tham Nimal-Raj is a highly experienced, senior NHS General Practitioner. He is the Managing Director of the Harley Street Medical Consultants (national & international) as well as the Director of Community Medical Diagnostics Ultrasound Services. He has held various positions on the NHS’s Clinical Commissioning Groups board since its inception in 2011, including Interim Accountable Officer and Chief Clinical Officer. He is the Managing Director of the Essex Medical Society (EMS), and is a former council member of the British Medical Association (BMA). In addition, he is provost and professor emeritus for St Martinus University Medical School.

Prof Nimal-Raj has had several short texts published, including a teaching-book on anatomy and one about interesting cases in ultrasound. He has been a guest speaker at international conferences and is establishing charity work from family funds.


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