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Taleb Jeddy is a consultant General, Endocrine and Vascular surgeon based at NHS at Basildon University Hospital NHS trust since 1998.

He performs large numbers of laparoscopic cholecystectomies and laparoscopic repair of Inguinal hernias and also trains surgeons in Laparoscopic Groin Hernia repairs.

He is the main Endocrine surgeon at Basildon Hospital with a special interest in day case thyroid surgery.

His results have been presented at various national and international congresses of ambulatory and endocrine surgery in the UK, Europe and the USA including at the World Congress of Ambulatory Surgery in Boston.

An experienced trainer in addition to training his local deanery registrars in performing Thyroid and Parathyroid surgery and conducts the Thyroid Masterclass faculty at Basildon hospital.

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